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Please feel free to browse around and see some of my projects

About me

I have been working in the Quality/Safety field for over 4 years. This has giving me the opportunity to work with a great team over the years, gaining valuable knowledge on being able to make quick decisions and focusing on delivering outstanding services to our customers.

While I love being in the Quality/Safety field my passion has always been with computers. I fell in love with being able to build web pages and seeing them come to life. I have build and fixed my own computers for years now, but since I started getting into Full Stack Web Development around 2 years ago and started learning on my own, I have started developing those skills more seriously, I am looking to break into a career as a Full Stack Web Developer and begin working with my peers on professional projects and continuing to develop my skills as a developer.

Some of my past projects

Fish Friends Web Build

Languages Used: HTML, CSS and LESS

This was an awesome build, I worked with a talented team to deploy a website that helps you find fishing areas near you. For this build I was tasked to create the landing page and the about page, this was completed by using HTML/CSS and LESS, also I used media queries to make the page mobile and tablet responsive.

GitHub Project Page
Anywhere Fitness Sign up Page

Languages Used: ReactJS and Redux

This was a great build, got the chance to work with a team of talented people to create a website that helps people find fitness classes. For this build I was tasked to create the sign up/log in page for the clients and instructors. In this project I used ReactJS and Redux to set the state, using axios to display data.

GitHub Project Page
Lambda Home Page

Languages Used: HTML and CSS

In this project I was tasked with stucturing the Lambda home page with HTML and CSS creating the header to look the same as a wireframe that was provided. I also had to add color to the text boxes created using CSS, as well as structuring the about page with HTML and CSS and making sure that the page was linked correctly.

GitHub Project Page

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